Quest Log

A page on which to record the mighty quests our heroes have undertaken:

  • Go to Saventh-Yi in Mwangi (a lost Azlanti city probably full of treasure and maybe the place Ydersius was beheaded)
    • Working on behalf of Sargavan authorities for them to claim the city
    • Reward: 1,000 gp for the party on completion; 900 gp up front each; removal of all curses from the Shiv; 7 guards; Noble titles and jungle land
    • Going via Azlanti city of Tazion
  • Follow treasure map gained in Laughing Jungle Zenj village showing position of ship full of gold ingots in Lake of Vanishing Armies
  • Check the delightful Athyra got ‘home’ safely

Completed Quests

  • N’kchei’s Challenge of Wind: get a stormbird feather
  • N’kchei’s Challenge of Water: find a single black pearl
  • Find Athyra’s father’s locket
  • Athyra – Shujaa’s con-quest – oh yes!

Older Quests

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Quest Log

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