Savith's Legend

While the warriors of Azlant battled the serpent people in the darkness of Ilmurea, Savi th, arrayed in armor of shining gold, went forth to face the snake-god Ydersius himself in his innermost sanctum. After an epic struggle, Savi th beheaded the Father of Serpents, casting his mindless body into the depths of the earth and hurling his still-living head into a lake of fire. But even in defeat, Ydersius had his revenge, for his virulent poisons ravaged Savi th’s
body. The serpentfolk empire was broken forever, but at a terrible cost, for Savi th, the greatest of us all, was dead.
—inscription on the walls of Saventh-Yhi

Savith gathered a multiracial coalition of ancient tribes for her army to battle the serpentfolk, but chose only a handful of trusted companions to accompany her on the mission to slay Ydersius. They included an Azlanti wizard, an Azlanti priest of Desna, a
cyclops general, a lizardfolk chieftain, and the king of an ancient tribe of human jungle warriors.

To penetrate the snake-god’s armored scales and overcome his legendary regenerative powers, Savith wielded a legendary, intelligent magic sword. This blade was eventually destroyed by Ydersius’s acidic blood, but not before she took his head.

Savith believed the only way to defeat Ydersius was to cut the snake-god’s head from his body—a difficult task for a human against a giant serpentfolk. She used magic to enlarge herself and her sword so she would be equal to the task.

Even after Savith beheaded Ydersius, it wasn’t enough to permanently slay the snake-god. To prevent him from regenerating and returning to his full power, Savith threw his skull into a lake of fire and drove away the god’s still-living body.

During the battle with Ydersius, Savith was poisoned by the god’s threefold venom—his noxious breath, venomous fangs, and even the toxic blood spilling from his wounds. Though she had protected herself with magic against poison, the snake-god’s venom eventually claimed her life.

Savith's Legend

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