Dapper Mwangi with a bit of a temper



Shujaa [‘Warrior’ in Kiswahili]

Race Male Human (Mwangi (Zenj))
Class Barbarian 4
Alignment Neutral Good
Religion Aroden
Age 30
Colour on Website Brown

Physical statistics

  • 30 years old
  • 6’ 4”
  • 170 lbs
  • Black hair and skin, brown eyes


Mwangi (Zenj)


Common with upper class educated Cheliax affectation. He does not profess to know or understand any tribal languages or Polyglot but see below.


Barbarian (standard Core Rulebook Barbarian)


Neutral Good

Ability Stats

25 point build:
Str 18; Dex 14; Con 16; Int, Wis, Cha 10


Faith Trait: Indomitable Faith

You were born in a region where your faith was not popular, yet you never abandoned it. Your constant struggle to maintain your own faith has bolstered your drive; you gain a +1 trait bonus on Will saves as a result.

Regional Trait: Sargavan Guard

You served in the Sargavan Guard, either as a colonial sub-praetor or as a native Mwangi regular, and have grown accustomed to marching in hot temperatures while wearing armor. When you wear armour of any sort, reduce the armor check penalty by 1, to a minimum penalty of 0.


5 ranks per level and has taken:
Acrobatics, Climb, Intimidate, Perception, Swim
Survival is an option for later if we end up with no ranger or druid.


  • Power Attack
  • Weapon Focus (greataxe)
  • Cleave

Weapons, Armour & Kit

Weapons: great axe; sword cane; +1 scimitar; long spear; 6 x javelins; dagger
Armour: MW studded leather; leather (on loan to Taine)
Gear: backpack; crowbar; grappling hook; rope, hemp (50ft); shovel; waterskin; whetstone
Special Substances & Items: acid, oil
Tools & Skill Kits: wooden holy symbol of Aroden
Potions: CLW, CMW, lesser restoration
Clothing: as above and assume zero cost and weight as normal



He is a dapper, very well dressed Zenj Mwangi sporting the fashions of pre-Thrune Cheliax: consider a suit and waistcoat with a fob sun dial, top hat and cape looking very much out of place in the jungle. He carries a silver tipped-cane, seemingly as an aid to walking.


Shujaa was the favourite servant of his colonial master Mammius Menuphar who, when he died two years ago, left Shujaa three things: his freedom; a wish that he visit Cheliax, the country of his master’s birth; and his silver tipped cane.

His master left him a fair amount of money for the second item on the understanding this would be enough to take him to Cheliax and back with a little something to live by thereafter. The trip to Cheliax reinforced all his master’s beliefs and prejudices in Shujaa:

  • the northern continent was a civilized place compared to the barbarity of Garund;
  • Cheliax was a beautiful land;
  • House of Thrune had perverted the country with their devil-worshipping occultism;
  • Sargava was forgotten or seen as an embarrassment.

His worst experience was seeing Aroden’s temples left to ruin. In some of these temples, kind Iomedeans had attempted to keep the faith, but even they had in most part taken over the temples for their own goddess’ worship.

He embarked on the Jenivere in Corentyn, his final destination within his master’s birthplace, to return home to Eleder, where he has a small place he can call home in the Lower Harbour district.


Despite his dark skin, Shujaa considers any human that does not affect the ways of Old Cheliax to be, well, barbaric. All of this living in mud huts is something those in Avistan gave up thousands of years ago; it really is frightfully rum do. As for those wallahs outside of Sargava jumping around in the trees, he calls them ‘jungle beasties’.

And please do stop beating those blasted drums – they make me annoyed and I am not a very pleasant person, apparently, were I to get annoyed.


Aroden (he believes the god is not dead – it is all a Thrune plot)


If ever Shujaa gets angry, a very unsubtle change occurs: out from under the veneer of sophistication leaps a beast-like, raging monster swearing in Polyglot.

Update after Part 1

Shujaa is aware now that when he gets mad a change happens to him – a big change, a disturbing change – one that means he gets out the wood chopping axe yet he knows he is more effective as a fighter. This is perturbing and somewhat embarrassing but it happens. Perhaps this anger is channelled from Aroden?! A gift? or a curse? He’ll see.

Spirit Animal

Shujaa’s spirit animal after meeting N’kchei, the Tempest, is a dire rat after initially transforming into a jackal.

The Road to Saventh-Yi

After the party’s decision to side with the government of his beloved Saragava in their hunt for the city of Saventh-yi, Shujaa has set off on the trail of real adventure; this time it is Shujaa’s own decision and not one enforced on him as happened on the Shiv. Now familiar with his old chums from those torrid days, Shujaa is looking forward tremendously to what the expedition will bring in adventure, riches and experience.

He paid a fond farewell to his tengu friend, Pezock, who is now quite at home in Shujaa’s house in the Lower Harbour District of Eleder. Pezock is looking after the property and Shujaa’s interests in the city while he is away and, in return, will stay at the house as a guest. Shujaa has noticed the rather large increase of fish products in the larder since his friend’s arrival.

Within days of their departure, Shujaa was further honoured and blessed by his god, Aroden. In his first ever combat with foul undead, Shujaa found new powers after watching the party’s paladin and cleric at work: by invoking the power of Aroden’s holy symbol, he can wrap himself in a near impenetrable ‘Mantle of Aroden’, which protects him from the touch of the abominations. Furthermore, he has been granted the power to ‘smite evil’ when he calls on Aroden’s name and enters his blessed state of divine rage. His only sadness in all this is the persistence by the rather snooty Sarenrae followers in declaiming Aroden dead and attempting to rubbish his new found powers. Their arrogance in the insistence that holy Sarenrae is the only god is strange, as is their complete hoodwinking by the lies of Thrunites of Cheliax about Aroden’s demise for such, otherwise, wise halflings.

Fortunately, Taine is on hand to help explain to Shujaa the theology behind his new divine blessings.


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