Serpent's Skull

Red Mountain
February 15th

After killing the chumpacabra the party headed up the mountain with the red rocks – but only after a nasty moment when something large and terrifying thundered down the path towards us. Just Talon, a bit late for the epic fight.

At the top of the mountain we found a) a brilliant view of most of the mountain and b) lots of remains. They seemed to have been offerings / sacrifices made by the savages to the winged monster. These included a recent body of a deformed infant. We came to the conclusion that the savages were a doomed community even before we killed them all – their inbreeding had already sealed their fate. The rock was still the unusual red colour up close and nothing grew on it, not even lichen. However, we found nothing further of interest up there.

We were stumped for a bit, since there was no sign of the serpent lady. Going back to the cove we decided we had to perform the rite on the tide stone. It didn’t need human sarifice, thankfully. Blood from each of four characters (from a cut hand) on each of the sentinel stones plus water poured onto the hollow in the central stone, from the mithral hook, worked fine. The last bit didn’t go quite as planned. Jerah contends the witch was meant to shout out "Y"’s name, but the pregnant silence after the water pouring caused Jerah to prompt, very loudly, "you were meant to say …. " And the NG cleric of Sarenrae unintentionally completed the rite.

Lots of thunder and lightning followed, certain death if anyone had stood on one of the stones. Also most of party deaf for a bit. Did the trick though, and the water in the cove fell by 20 to 30 ft. Exposed a wreck and some doors at the far end. The area was not dry, lots of pools of water. As we tried to cross one, a shark attacked. The witch slept it and it was immediately desptached, by Talon who did a coup de grace which included his back stab stuff of course. A sad end for a warrior of the seas, but very efficient of the party. We checked out the wreck, the Salty Strumpet. We were going to ignore it, but a detect magic showed up something and greed won out. The wreck had a number of tenants (craabs and the like), in particular a water mephit called Ecubus. The crabs etc. he called his crew, styling himself captain. We got to talking, and he didn’t notice Talon trying to eat one of his crab crew. Turns out a serpent creature, but with legs, went by about a week ago. Ieana of course. He also described the doors nearby as scary, having pictures of vampires on them. Nice. We got the magic item, a rope of climbing, without incident.

Reaching the doors, with the brave water mephit in tow to “help” us, we find indeed that under the seaweed there are reliefs of vampiric demons feasting on maidens. It is clearly different to the details we found in the Mother Thrunefang caves, but frustratingly we found we didn’t have the knowledge to make sense of it at all.

Through the doors and up some stairs, there is a huge chamber – always above sea level. The shape of the whole thing is a bit like the plan of a guitar. The stairs come in along the fret board. At the bottom of the guitar (far end from us) are some double doors. As the chamber expands out there are alcoves, two each side, shaped like a huge serpent’s maw. There was a bridge at right angles to us, across the widest part of the chamber and about 40 ft up. Doors at each end of the bridge. Sadly, there were four serpent folk skeletons on the bridge throwing javelins. As the Monk and Talon tried and failed to climb up pillars to them, they jumped down onto the party. A tough fight followed which we won, but at the cost of quite a lot of healing.

Examining things more closely we found: lever back near the entrance doors that closed them; the doors at the far end were of a strange kind of bronze with rivers (did I mean rivulets?) of red on them, like they were bleeding; also a trapdoor in one the of the alcoves where Jerah had bravely hidden. Needed all Talo’s strength to open this, to be met with a blast of foul, stale air from the hole below (20 ft down). Clearly there was cavern, with a floor that looked liquid and a faint rattling sound. Party decided to avoid the hole and the bleeding doors for now. The water mephit had already decided to avoid everything and had left before we closed the outer doors. We aslo found many reliefs of bats, human sacrifice and walking dead. Again, we just didn’t have the knowledge to make sense of it.

Party climbed the pillars to the bridge and opened the doors on the right – which made a very loud squealing noise. The walls in here were covered with many characters, which again we couldn’t decipher – but one, that of a fanged skull, predominated. We found some alcoves, filled with 6 skeletons. Took our time killing these due to the difficulty of fighting in 5 ft corridors. [The ready action is now also loathed, alongside grapple]. This side of the upper rooms included a further, empty chamber. All doors squeal like mad as we open them.

The party has gone back over the bridge and is now about to open the door on the other side…..

At the Lighthouse ... and beyond
Jerah's log

The following ended on DAY 28…

Some hastily scribbled notes intended to give a flavour of the evening, not necessarily in correct time order.

After the previous defeat of the savages we made a temporary camp at the Lighthouse that night. The two freed prisoners (Sasha and Aerys) stayed there with Shujaa, Pezock and Talon while the rest of the party returned to the camp on the lagoon. Eventually everyone made it to the Lighthouse. Some problems with disease: Shujaa had dysentry but it worked itself out (as it were) while the Monk got foot rot (again) and did the monk thing of burning it, and part of his feet, off.

Aerys finally cured of her “problem”, by me! Two days training with Ishirou (1 to CMD and CMB if wielding a sword) and then Jask (2 to concentration checks). Monk not very happy about the sword requirement for Ishirou’s boon. It turns out Aerys boon is obtained by reading her book (so, only one person per day) which grants +1 to Will saves against compulsion effects. The camp had a number of events. We were visited one night by another large band of monkeys, some of which wanted to carry me off for dinner. They didn’t last long and I was gratified to find none of them managed to grapple me. A herd of wild goats also wandered in – and were very quickly turned into fresh meat.

The whole party checked out the tall tree on the hill just North West of the Lighthouse (round the bay). Met some emerald boa constrictors on the way, which didn’t last long. Got to the tree, well grove in fact, and found it was occupied by an Advanced Dryad named Isania. Very helpful, can provide healing and lesser restorations if we need them. She knew of the big flying creature, but had no control over it. Apparently the savages avoided her. There are “secrets under the soil”, but we couldn’t clarify if that was just the caves / temple under the Lighthouse or something more. There is one savage left somewhere and some victims of the Yellow Musk Creeper, whose exact position she gave us. She had previously been upset by the presence of the fungus on the northernmost lagoon island and was pleased it was now gone and that we were the heroes what done it. (All party members got the xp for this, no exceptions for absence).

So, next day we set off to the West. Party attacked by four monitor lizards two each from front and rear, and we took some damage. We found a classic rope bridge over a gorge and intrepidly inched over it one at a time ….. which it turned out was exactly the way of avoiding any problems with it. Proceeding to the cove next to Blood Mountain we found what we think is the Tide Stone + its 4 companion stones. Immediately we finally met the “big flying thing” in battle. It’s called a chumpacabra – apparently they normally grow no bigger than a dog and don’t fly. So this one had some attitude. It also turns out the “chumy” liked grabbing as much as the Monk likes grappling, and carried off the half elf ranger (who has such a liking for reach weapons he has no close quarter one and couldn’t do much to chumy). The party lept like gazelles to the chase, or not if you are a halfling moving over difficult terrain. It had carried off the ranger to its nest, and healed and hasted itself as it sucked the half elf’s blood. A tough fight but we finished it off. During the fight the ranger found an impromptu weapon amongst the creature’s hoard – namely a pirate’s hook (see below).

It is about midday, the party need to rest …. and are not quite sure what they do next. No sign of the serpent lady yet.

It had quite the treasure stash.
246 SP
234 GP
13 PP
Mithral pirate’s hook 1000 gp
Fine brass sextant 500 gp
M/W composite longbow +3 STR (not sure who got this)
Efficient quiver (now on the ranger)
Normal arrows: 20
Cold iron arrows: 9
+1 arrows: 7
+2 arrows: 2
Arrow of aberration slaying: 1
Javelin of lightning (on Jerah)

Could someone who’s more proficient than me update the Treasure bit of the web site with this?

Day 5 con

Day 5 con.
The group move out at dawn towards the central lagoon that we scouted a few day earlier. We decided to take the beach route rather than risking people in the jungle. We head to a more suitable place to climb down, this we do more or less without incident. By this time the day is getting far to unbearable to all of us, well most of us the Jerra seems to be once again unaffected by the heat.
Just before we start to head of the heavens open and the rain comes down so hard it is only possible to see 20ft in front of you. Walking along the beach, the rain still coming down like it’s going out of fashion, and then we stumble into a massive crab but before it can do anything Jerra points one of her figures at it and sets the beast alight, it lunges forward to attack. Slave meets the creature head on in a blaze of flying limbs Slave seems to have critically wounded the beast, Jerra presses the advantage but missed, as do the next three attacks by, Myself, Talon and Slave but Slave the crafty sod takes two swings and crushes the crab-monster, then two more come out of nowhere, I get hit, badly, Glysia kindly heals me enough for me to get to my feet, I get up to see Talon swing is massive axe but the crab, more nimble then it size would have you believe, dodges the killing blow. “Slave” runs in and tackles the crab to the floor, the other one takes a swipe at me and grazes my chest, nothing serious though. Talon swings for the crab but again his killing blow is dodged. The one that is pinned by “Slave” is shot point blank by “Ace” Venturi and his precise shoot kills the beast. The last crab is taken out once again by “Ace” that is only after others have tried to hit it.

I end up healing “Slave” and others from the party heal Venturi. So end of the day and all is well, we feast on crab that night.
Day 6
I woke up that morning feeling that it would be a good day and sure enough my gut was right, before we could do anything Areys confesses to taking the brandy and that she as a problem and the once aggressive Ish apologies for his behaviour and comes on side. We leave and continue along the coast. I secretly want to meet some more crabs as they were delicious. It seems that crab will once again be on the menu as we come across three more crabs. I want go into much detail but all I can say is that there was a lot of missing and “Slave” stood on a shell and bleed out quite badly. By noon we make it to an out crop where we see something near the coast but inland a bit, we go and see, there we see standing there a woman, to me she doesn’t look to well, I approach her and ask if she wants any help, she lunges at me, the party engage her and something strange happens to her on being killed, she crumbles into dust and plant matter. Later I am informed by Jerra that she was,in layman terms, a plant zombie. Walking around the camp we spot some blood stains, then something horrible falls into, well all of our minds at the same time, cannibals. We decide to investigate this after the sun as past is zenith. Upon moving out we run into some natives and just what we going to look for the cannibals. Three of them standing there the next thing that I see is Talon charging in faster than a man of his size should be able to and lets his fury guide is blade, I thought that he would miss again but oh how I was wrong. The massive axe came down through the natives ear and took it clean off, if the native could have screamed I’m sure it would have but the axe just kept going and Talon cleaved the man in twain, the rest are dispatched by the party and Shujaa apologies for his behaviour, it appears he doesn’t like Asmodeus totally understandable.
After the fight we move out and make the worst progress through the jungle that we have made for a long time and not only that but our carelessness get me impaled on a massive spike which nearly kills me, well it would have done if it weren’t for the lovely Glysia.


Day 2 continued
2nd of Erastus
All is well in the cool morning air, I say cool, well compared to the rest of the day its one of the more bearable times of day. The first thing I notice is that the half-ork and Halfling are having a conversation, about what I don’t know and don’t want to know, all I can say is that it makes for a pretty amusing sight. After what passes for breakfast we discuss what to do for the day some of us have the idea of going off and exploring the island, well the little part that we are on anyway, to make sure that it is safe. Those that weren’t in the discussion get asked if they want to come along or stay here and look after things, the only problem is its “Slave” asking them and, well, it isn’t so much words slurring out of his mouth, think of a seal in pain and you want be far off. Anyway after “Slaves” interrogation some of the group decide to stay at base for the day and let the rest of us go off. That being; “Slave”,Jerra, Shujaa, Talon, Glysia, “Ace” Venturi and myself. It seems that us lot seem to be becoming more of a party then the rest of them. So at about 08:30 we set off into the unknown, I must say I feel a bit unnerved not know what will lurk around the corner but I more on anyway. Having lent my precious long sward to Shujaa so he can gracefully hack the shrubbery out of the way.
Time is getting on a bit and the heat is becoming unbearable so as a group we decided to take a rest during the suns highest point. So we put up a canvas and settle down for three hours, things would run so much smother if the sun wasn’t so unbearable.
So at about 15:00 we move off into the unknown, again, it isn’t long before we reach some cliffs, we can see all the way over the lagoon. I have never seen water so perfect before, at this point all the worries seems to escape me for one purifying second but then as soon as they were perfect they become horrible as out of the emerald green trees come to horrendous wings creatures, I have no idea what they are. No matter, they glide on wings of leather and have mouths filled with razor blade teeth. They came at me first of all and all I have for defence is Shujaas’ cane sward, not a weapon I am familiar with handling, no matter I blundered though with gusto and courage, to no really effect as I miss it must be the weight of the weapon or the lack of it. The next to attack is Shujaa and he wields my long sward like he is one of Iomedae chosen, the creature is badly wounded and if it hadn’t been for Venturi would have died of those mortal wounds. The second is in range of Talon massive crossbow but unfortunately the bolt never leaves the bow, “Try Again” Talon.
What happens next is a thing of wonder, Jerra the little bag of tricks that she is, point one little figure at the remaining thing and it bursts into flames but Iomedae as the last laugh as Shujaa uses my sward to cleave the creature out of the sky. Mean while a third flies up out of the tree canopy, this time he’s ready. With one well aimed shot of his colossal crossbow the thing falls to the ground with a thud. We look for a nest and with not really any surprise we find what we are looking for. After that little adventure we head back to the camp with a few eggs, when we get back we are approached by Sasha who asks us if she could rear one of the eggs as a pet, we, as a party, agree but we eat the rest as food, that was good eating I must say, note to self find more eggs. That night there is once again the green glow, it is most attractive.

3th Erastus
“Slave” goes up to Arays the Half-elf, “Slave” is once again is charming self, not, and scares the already troubled Arays off, we can only presume she is drinking the stolen brandy. Anyway we all move out to the location where we were yesterday. So everyone moves out, we reach the cliffs uneventfully. Went we are all settling down Jerra comes over to a group of us and says she has seen something, we go over and look at it. It is a monkey but there is something odd about it all of its blood has been sucked out of it. Most odd must look into it further.
Well is 18:00 and we are all wondering what to do for dinner, we have a fire going quite well, when all of a sudden a goat falls from the sky and lands on it. Those that can perceive more than their nose on their face look up and see something, something that looks like a bird but much, much bigger but no matter I’m sure we’ll deal with that when we can. Others ask how the goat got on the fire we explain that it was a present from the Gods, but some of us notice that there is no blood left in the goat. That night while the Gnome tells a story of his adventures with the Pathfinder Society “Slave” sees something in the surf, he claims it was a mermaid but I’m not so sure.

Day 4

The group decided it is time to move to a new location by fresh water. On the map we have it clearly marks the location of a waterfall nearby, we estimate it will take about two/three hours to get to so at 0800 we move out. We have an uneventful journey and make the waterfall by noon. The first thing to happen is that camp morale is significantly boosted when Glysia takes a shower in the rushing water, that image won’t leave me for a long time. Moving on out of earshot of Arays Talon and myself joke about making a camp bar, we laughed, mean while Jask gives a talk about what I’m not really sure as I wasn’t really paying too much heed. So we have a good base of operations here and a group of us make a base. In the morning we will move down to the coast.

Day 5
After having a peaceful night we prepare to move out in the cool of the morning but we are rudely interrupted by five vipers. The first to attack is Talon with a war cry on his lips he swings his great axe at one of the snakes but I feel, like me, his weapon is to slow to wield against these most dextrous of opponents, and true to form he misses but only just I’m surprised that the snake didn’t die with the sheer force of the air slicing around it and like I said earlier my weapon is also to heavy and so I miss as well. The next thing to happen is quite a surprise, Tickle, Glysias’ scorpion attacks the little guy dose better than I thought and now it makes sense why Talon has all those sting marks on his hand, randy sod, but the funniest thing of the fight had to be poor little “Slave”. One of the crearures is within his reach, so he jumps, well to the best any dwarf can jump but that wasn’t the best bit oh no that was next, he tries to grapple the thing and the next thing I hear is “Slave” cursing out loud that he just cut himself on his coat, which unknown to be is anti-grapple, not that anyone wants to hug him anyway.
Talon once again attacks but this time he anticipates its move and slices the creature straight through the middle, during the fight however Ish runs off into the jungle, I know this isn’t what an inquisitor should say but things would go much smoother without him. However after the fight we manage to find him and get him back on side. So the group back together we head for the coast.

Inquisitor Taines' Journal

Inquisitor Taine’s Journal
Garenith 23rd 4710
I departed on the merchant class ship the Jenivere a modest vessel if I ever did see one. Before hand however I had a small amount of time to walk the streets of the port that I was departing from. A small but welcoming town, full of life, of all specimens, from the smallest gnome to the largest ork and trust me on this there are some monster out there. The port itself stank to high haven of fish, now some of you might like that but did not, and people rushing by always having somewhere more important to be. By the harbour itself the source of the smell, the fish markets. If you ever have the chance take a stroll around the market I urge you to go, for that is one of the most exhilarating things that I have done in a long time, the stall holders making friendly conversation as you browse their effects, trying their best to sweet talk you into making a purchase, all in vain as will be eating enough fish in the days to come as I plow the seas on the Jenivere, speaking of which I should be off to bored.
The ship itself is a moderately sized ship not particularly lavish in its decoration but it will do, all it has to do is get me from A to B without any problems.
As I bored I am rudely knocked into by a small gnome, who I latter find out is called Gelik, he is dressed in some of the finest clothes I have seen in these parts, I would expect him to be more courteous of others. Them I see him run up to one of the crew and exchange gold, not unusual but the way in which the crewmember points to the stairs seems a bit untoward, I turn as I hear shouts, I then see a mob of town guards running along the harbour edge, it seems our gnomey friend isn’t who he appears to be.

Later that day when the Jenivere has received its other passengers, a human scholar called Ieana who disappears as soon has she has arrived on board, we depart for the port town of Eleder, the captain anticipates the trip will take about a week to arrive, it wouldn’t take as long but he has other passengers to collect along the way.

The first stop the Jenivere receives four passengers, two half-elfs, one male Venturi and a female Glysia, who I later find out is his sister, it wasn’t really hard by the fact the that kept Venturi saying “Sister please be quite”, she isn’t so much annoying as curious but she does talk rather a lot, she is very striking to look at where her brother seems to blend in and its almost as if he isn’t there. The other two to arrive on are a small character called Jarra, a halfing cleric, that much is obvious, and a man who is almost as full of himself as that little sod gnome, but this one does have the means to carry it off, obviously he has money to burn.
The next stops along the way we pick up some more paying travellers, well one of them isn’t, I’ll get to that in a minute. First I must tell you about the half-ork Talon, an apt name if there ever was one. The mans a beast, standing a head taller than myself and well over 100lbs heavier , I must make a note not to anger him in anyway.
Then we come to the low life, “Slave”, as his master as told that is what we must call it. Its isn’t so much of a person because to be called as much first you must have a life and it clearly doesn’t, in a way I feel sorry for it. I think if we end up meeting again I will do my best to help “Slave” to break out of its masters shackles and have a life.

On the 30th we all sit down to a meal, of what can only be described as sludge, I wonder if the chef is becoming tired of making meals for so many. That is the last thing I remember before waking up on a beach.

Day 1 Eratus 1st 4710
I wake up from what can only be a poison educed sleep completely surrounded by some sort of crap-scorpion. I turn my head hearing a shout of anger to see Venturi expertly take two of the creatures out with only his bare hands, my respect for the man grows by the second. I regain some of my strength and charge the nearest with the words of Iomedae on my lips, and utterly obliterate the third. The rest of the crew eventually come around, I did notice however that Glysia was, well to me anyway, walking on water and blowing kisses to her brother? I must ask her about this; it did seem to give the lad an edge and more resolve. She could be a witch of some sort.
Again the boy ,Venturi, saves us all by spotting our effects washed up on the beach, I don’t think it’s much of secret now that I’m an Inquisitor of Iomedae, this I’m happy for them to know as it might bring them some comfort to know, I’m not sure though.
We spot the Jenivere stranded on the rocks, waves crashing around her trying to drag her down to the grim depths of the ocean. All the survives make their way over to the cliff near to the vessel, including the prisoner Jask, now I don’t know what he has done but I will find out one way or another!
Six of us: “Slave”, Talon, Shujaa, Venturi, Glysia and myself all decided to go down to the ship and see what happened. First of is the dwarf “Slave”, I imagine ordered to do so my his master Jerra who is staying on the cliffs to look after the others. The next thing I know is “Slave” is hanging there trying to climb down doing his best to get on deck. To try his luck next is Venturi, he, despite looking quite athletic, falls straight into the white water below, the half-ork and myself make it without so much of a hitch quickly followed by Shujaa and Glysia. The two of them start to throw a rope to the stranded Venturi, meanwhile the dwarf “Slave” is still dangling off the rocks. Talon and myself go below deck to see what we can find, what we find is another crap-scorpion or as I now know an eurypterid, this one however is bigger than before. Talon charges in for what could be a killing hit, if only he had made contact with the eurypterid instead of the fall, the force of his hit is enough to send him of balance and send him onto his backside. Once again I charge into battle, this time looking like a proper Inquisitor of Iomedae with my shield now reunited with my left hand.
I deal a hit strong enough to kill most mortal men but on this thing it doesn’t kill it, Talon picks himself off the floor and swings again, a primeval roar of gurgling out of his mouth, clearly he wants this thing dead for the embarrassment it coursed but alas like last time he misses, at least he didn’t fall over, I then strike for the beast but all I slice open is thin air. All of a sudden Venturi is besides us, dripping a trail of sea water behind him, and slices the creature from one side to the other, thanks are passed for saving us, Talon Christens him “Ace”, I imagine it’s because he is such an ace fighter, but no matter it’s stuck.
I turn to see everyone aboard, apart from the cleric, who I imagine is annoying the others around her. No matter the rest of us search for survives, Talon and myself look inside the room where the eurypterid was guarding and by the looks of the claw marks trying to get in, we find Alton the Jeniveres first mate killed by what looks like a rapier he also has several sting marks which are inflamed, these I imagine are from the eurypterid. Meanwhile the others go the captain’s quarters. I later hear that Glysia opened the desk and found a number of items of use belonging to the captain.
Up on deck the party receive a rope thrown down by Jerra. This is to aid in the extraction of supplies we have began looting from the ship. Some of us go to the larder, including myself, to gather food while others go and see what they can find elsewhere. “Slave” forcefully opens the bottom draw, he seems to thrive when away from the questioning glare of his master. Anyway in the bottom draw there is a captains ransom of potions and maps amongst these there is a set of keys, these I would imagine belong to the manacles around Jasks’ wrists. There is also a holy symbol of Nethis. When we have finished passing as much of the food and loot back to shore before the ship is finally taken by the hungry sea, we question Jask, I say we I mean Glysia, Jask claims he was framed I feel I can trust him I’m not sure why but I can. After the interrogation we set Jask free he claims he is a priest of Nethis and the holy symbol is his so we all agree to give it to him after that we sort out some shade for the others, I then remember we have some nets so a few of us go out and cast the nets. Walking back up to the makeshift hut I suddenly see how beautiful this place really is, I won’t bore you with the detail heysen to say if I were in another situation I could consider myself to be lucky. When arriving back at camp I hear shouting coming from “Slave” he’s claiming that the gnome as stolen the expensive bottle of brandy he took from the ship for his master. Glysia is first to act asking if he did it, he denies it, he should have agreed things would go far easier for him. I draw my long sward and say “As an Inquisitor of Iomedae speak the truth or feel my blade!” He still denies it, well unless he wanted to die, and who can blame him stuck on here, he must be telling the truth. Others think that it is Aeryes, this could be the truth as she has sat alone from the group for some time, I must speak with her sometime.
As evening falls nothing much seems to happen, we all eat and drink, thanks to the powers of Jerra, bless her she has some hidden talents has the Halfling. As the sun begins to set something amazing happens the sea turns the most amazing emerald green, I ,fall all my travelling have never seen something like this before and I can tell you now no matter what happens I am a happier person for that.


Day 2
2nd of Erastis 4710

As the sun shines down on us three of us go hunting in the cool of the morning, while its still a respectable temperatures, Sasha, “Slave” and myself all venture out into the jungle, Sasha is a fairly attractive woman, her pinky on her left hand is missing, no one dares ask the question. When we arrive back round 11am we come back to find that “Ace” Venturi has been sung during the night and several of them are trying to heal him, Jask, who has really helped the group now he is freed of his maniacs, Jerra and himself. They take there time but manage to find a cure for his inflictions. The half-ork Talon is setting what look like defensive traps around the perimeter of the camp and the posh man Shujaa is guarding, what could he really do if anything did attack. Oh yes and the girl Glysia is providing some ill-fated attempted at entertainment, at least she is trying unlike Ishirou who is just sitting alone on the beach. I notice during his guard duties Shujaa talking to him and what happens next surprise everyone, Ishirou takes up arms against Shujaa, I know he is a bit full of himself but there is no need to attack him, I watch in disbelief as Shujaa pulls a sward from his cane and starts to parry Ishirou, it’s clearly a one sided fight a small cane sward against a katana, but what happens next amazes me, Shujaa roars, quite befitting of man of his stature and then he proceeds to pull a great axe from under his cloak, my respect for a man who can loft an axe of that weight without any signs of struggle are great and as of this point onwards I will respect him as he deserves it. The six of us rush over and after knocking Ishirou out Glysia and myself heal the injured Shujaa. After seeing to the injoured Shujaa we agree to maniacal Ishirou and ask him about his actions.

A Fated Voyage!

The Sargavan Wyvern-class merchant vessel Jenivere was one of many that make the yearly voyage along the western coasts of Avistan and northern Garund. Its trade route ran from the Sargavan capital city of Eleder all the way up to Magnimar in Varisia, and then back south again. The trip was 3,400 miles long and took just over a hundred days one way. Yet despite its length and sometimes dangerous peril, it was also a trip filled with opportunity for profit. The Jenivere’s ports of call included (from north to south) Magnimar, Kintargo, Pezzack, Corentyn, Ilizmagorti, Ollo, Quent, Port Peril, Bloodcove, Senghor, and finally Eleder. While the Jenivere is a merchant ship, primarily concerned with delivering goods to and from Sargava, she’s traditionally kept several compartments open to take on paying passengers. This trip is no exception.

At the start of the voyage in Magnimar, two figures meet at the base of the gangplank. One is a human male Inquisitor named Taine (Phil). The other, a well-dressed gnome bard going by the name of Gelik Aberwhinge, barged past him and ran up onto the ship exchanging a few words and some coin with Alton Devers, the Jenevere’s first mate, before vanishing below from sight. The reason soon became apparent as the Magnimar City Guard came running across the docks and luckily for Gelik straight past the ship. Gelik is a spry, energetic gnome with blond hair and a neat goatee. He dresses like a noble at all times (“If you can’t take the time to dress properly, no one will take what you have to say seriously—and they’d be right not to!”). With liberal use of prestidigitation, his fine clothes always seem freshly cleaned. Only the ink stains on his fingers break the illusion of a proper gnome nobleman (“If you don’t have ink stains on your fingers, no one will take your writing seriously—and they’d be right not to!”). The final passenger boarding here is Ieana, A bookish Varisian scholar who tends to keep to herself, Ieana is traveling to Sargava to explore the ancient ruins there. Rumors aboard the ship alternately suggest that she’s the Jenivere’s owner, a Chelish agent, or Captain Kovack’s secret lover. Ieana keeps mostly to herself, and grows more intent on her studies with each mile the ship travels closer to Eleder. Gelik, however, spends much of his time writing in the ships’ common areas, and takes every opportunity to tell long-winded stories, boast of past journeys, or quip about anything in his field of view.

The ship sets sail as per its schedule arriving at the Cheliax port of Kintargo for a 2 day stop before moving on to Pezzack for a further 3 day stop. Its final call in Cheliax was Corentyn where it made port for a week to conduct business. Passengers were free to come and go as they pleased but often elected to remain on board. You know how rough some of these ports can be! Four passengers joined the ship at this last Cheliax port over the course of the 7 day stop. Venturi, a male half-elf Ranger (Richard); Shujaa, a human male barbarian (Jason), though this is not obvious by his appearance. A dapper, very well dressed man in the fashions of Cheliax pre-Thrune, a suit and waistcoat with a fob sun dial, top hat and cape and would look very much out of place in a jungle. He sports a silver tipped-cane and travels with a large trunk manhandled onto the ship by several crewmen. Gelik seems delighted to have someone with class aboard to chatter with at long last. The third is Glasya De Bensozia (John), a human female witch (picture) who makes it abundantly clear to all to “mind their own business and keep well out of her’s!”
Finally, just before setting sail, Jask Derindi, a human male is brought on board in manacles. Captain Kovack sees to this taciturn human’s needs with curt courtesy, but insists he be left alone, sequestered in the ship’s brig. His belongings are taken to the Captain’s cabin. Jask is a middle-aged, plain-looking Garundi man with hair starting to grey and watery eyes.

The next stop after Cheliax is Ilizmagorti, on the Mediogalti Island. Here two more join the voyage. Sasha Nevah has tousled red hair and mischievous green eyes, and is missing the pinkie finger of her left hand. She bears a tattoo between her shoulder blades—the symbol of the Red Mantis, also a female halfling cleric named Jerah (Neil). Sasha’s sombre demeanour gradually faded as the ship sets sail, revealing a boisterous and optimistic personality though she treats Jerah with an air of marked suspicion.

Next stop is the region known as the Shambles starting with a week-long stop at Ollo followed by 2 days at Quent. Finally, is a 3 day stop at Port Peril, where a further three passengers embark. First is Talon (Simon), a massive male half Orc standing 6’-8" tall, weighing in at 370lbs of solid muscle. His face, arms and any exposed piece of skin is covered in scars, and most of his right ear has been torn away. His head is shaved, except for a braided scalp lock that ends at the base of his neck. He is dressed in Studded Leather armour, over a set of ragged red slavers robes and across his back is the largest, doubled bladed, two handed axe. The crew of the ship recognised him as one of the bouncers from the Hanged Man Tavern, which is the base for the Red Brotherhood, a band of Slavers and word goes round the ship to “give him space”. Next to board is Aerys Mavato. Aerys is a stunningly beautiful half elf, a trim, athletic woman with short dark hair, tanned skin, and fierce blue eyes. She dresses in tightly fitted leather armour and favours dark clothing and tricorn hats. She immediately got in a fight with one of the ship’s crewmen when he made an ill-advised suggestion that he and Aerys could share bunks. Aerys soundly humiliated the crewman in the resulting scrap (much to the barely hidden delight of the Jenivere’s first mate), preventing further trouble during the rest of the voyage but sending the brooding half-elf into a self-imposed isolation in her forward cabin. Jerah returns from a trip to the shore with the most obnoxious and smelly male dwarf you would ever wish to set your eyes upon. She refers to him merely as slave! (Pete).

The next stop is a 4 day hold over in Bloodcove in the Mwangi Expanse, where the final passenger comes on board. Ishirou is a rugged Tian man who appears much older than he is, with graying hair worn in a ponytail and a perpetual scruffy beard. His clothing and armour are well kept and clean, but obviously of low quality. Only his sword, a beautiful katana has any real value. He remains aloof but not rude. He gives the impression of one who has had a hard life but find himself currently without direction. The ship sets sail making one final stopover for 3 days in Senghor, before departing on the final leg of the journey to Eleder.

Some Crew members:

Alizandru Kovack: A Chelish man whose family has made the Magnimar to Eleder run for generations, Captain Kovack is pleasant enough with his passengers, but a strict disciplinarian when dealing with his crew.
Alton Devers: The Jenivere’s first mate is friendly with both passengers and crew, but he sometimes seems to chafe under the strong discipline of Captain Kovack.
Rambar Terillo: A taciturn man from Senghor, Ship’s Cook Terillo has served in that capacity aboard several ships, though apparently not on account of his culinary skills, which seem to be limited to watery soups.

As the Jenivere began the final stage of her journey across Desperation Bay, the ship’s course veers slightly off its intended route, sending it many miles off course into waters known for their dangerous currents, piracy, monsters, and worse. The Jenivere is now on a collision course with the notorious island known as Smuggler’s Shiv. With the crew growing increasingly suspicious of the unusual course, there is talk of a mutiny occurring amongst the crew.

You sit down in the ship’s galley to eat dinner you find that Rambar has finally discovered some culinary ability and tonight’s dinner looks almost edible. The food has an unusual taste though, probably caused by the spices in its seasoning or is it in fact…*FORTITUDE SAVING THROW!*

You feel a stabbing pain in your stomach and suddenly very hot and shivery. The room begins to spin and you black out.

Everything is dark and silent.

Then, sensation begins to creep back in—the feel of sand below and of something wet lapping at your feet, the sound of ocean waves washing against a beach, and a heavy pressure over your legs. Then, suddenly, you feel a searing pain in one foot. 1 HP DAMAGE.


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