The Deal

The jungles of the Mwangi Expanse are rife wi th crumbling ruins—
the ziggurats of Kembe, the flying city of Kho, and poor, doomed
Holy Xatramba. But none of these ancient relics have inspired the
imaginations of adventurers and scholars more than Saventh-Yhi, the
legendary lost city of the Azlanti and the only outpost of that vani shed
race so far south in Garund’s dark interior. Saventh-Yhi’s discovery
would be the crowni ng achievement of any explorer’s career, and
gods know enough have tried to find it and failed. The fetid jungles of
Mwangi hold many secrets, but perhaps some cities are lost for a reason.
Think about that as you’re being devoured by some toothed monstrosity
beneath the dripping canopy.
—Lilae Kurundi, A Fool’s Errand: Ruins and Relics of Mwangi

Sargavan Government
The Sargavan government wants to stake a claim on
Saventh-Yhi for two reasons. First, if they can establish an
outpost there, it increases their presence and inf luence
in the region, while at the same time denying the same
benefits to rivals. Second, the city’s legendary wealth and
the opportunity to open new trade routes would go a long
way toward refilling Sargava’s depleted treasury, perhaps
granting the former colony a greater independence from (or
at least less reliance on) the Free Captains of the Shackles.

Faction Leader: The Grand Custodian appoints Rotilius
(LN male human fighter 6/ranger 3), a general of
the Sargavan Guard, to lead the government expedition
to Saventh-Yhi. A loyal supporter of Baron Utilinus,
General Havelar is a stereotypical arrogant colonial, with
traditionalist views of the Mwangi natives. He is a military
man through and through, a skilled warrior and canny
strategist, but he lacks true leadership ability.

The Sargavan government offers the PCs temporary command
of a squad of Sargavan Guardsmen, up to one guard per
PC. You can use the stats for foot soldiers from page 286 of
the Pathfinder RPG GameMastery Guide, or simply use any
generic stat block for a 1st-level warrior.

In addition, if Sargava manages to claim Saventh-Yhi
first, Baron Utilinus promises to grant each PC a noble
title and small tract of jungle land as a reward (see page
22 of Sargava: The Lost Colony for more information on
Sargavan noble titles).

The Deal

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