Serpent's Skull


Day 2 continued
2nd of Erastus
All is well in the cool morning air, I say cool, well compared to the rest of the day its one of the more bearable times of day. The first thing I notice is that the half-ork and Halfling are having a conversation, about what I don’t know and don’t want to know, all I can say is that it makes for a pretty amusing sight. After what passes for breakfast we discuss what to do for the day some of us have the idea of going off and exploring the island, well the little part that we are on anyway, to make sure that it is safe. Those that weren’t in the discussion get asked if they want to come along or stay here and look after things, the only problem is its “Slave” asking them and, well, it isn’t so much words slurring out of his mouth, think of a seal in pain and you want be far off. Anyway after “Slaves” interrogation some of the group decide to stay at base for the day and let the rest of us go off. That being; “Slave”,Jerra, Shujaa, Talon, Glysia, “Ace” Venturi and myself. It seems that us lot seem to be becoming more of a party then the rest of them. So at about 08:30 we set off into the unknown, I must say I feel a bit unnerved not know what will lurk around the corner but I more on anyway. Having lent my precious long sward to Shujaa so he can gracefully hack the shrubbery out of the way.
Time is getting on a bit and the heat is becoming unbearable so as a group we decided to take a rest during the suns highest point. So we put up a canvas and settle down for three hours, things would run so much smother if the sun wasn’t so unbearable.
So at about 15:00 we move off into the unknown, again, it isn’t long before we reach some cliffs, we can see all the way over the lagoon. I have never seen water so perfect before, at this point all the worries seems to escape me for one purifying second but then as soon as they were perfect they become horrible as out of the emerald green trees come to horrendous wings creatures, I have no idea what they are. No matter, they glide on wings of leather and have mouths filled with razor blade teeth. They came at me first of all and all I have for defence is Shujaas’ cane sward, not a weapon I am familiar with handling, no matter I blundered though with gusto and courage, to no really effect as I miss it must be the weight of the weapon or the lack of it. The next to attack is Shujaa and he wields my long sward like he is one of Iomedae chosen, the creature is badly wounded and if it hadn’t been for Venturi would have died of those mortal wounds. The second is in range of Talon massive crossbow but unfortunately the bolt never leaves the bow, “Try Again” Talon.
What happens next is a thing of wonder, Jerra the little bag of tricks that she is, point one little figure at the remaining thing and it bursts into flames but Iomedae as the last laugh as Shujaa uses my sward to cleave the creature out of the sky. Mean while a third flies up out of the tree canopy, this time he’s ready. With one well aimed shot of his colossal crossbow the thing falls to the ground with a thud. We look for a nest and with not really any surprise we find what we are looking for. After that little adventure we head back to the camp with a few eggs, when we get back we are approached by Sasha who asks us if she could rear one of the eggs as a pet, we, as a party, agree but we eat the rest as food, that was good eating I must say, note to self find more eggs. That night there is once again the green glow, it is most attractive.

3th Erastus
“Slave” goes up to Arays the Half-elf, “Slave” is once again is charming self, not, and scares the already troubled Arays off, we can only presume she is drinking the stolen brandy. Anyway we all move out to the location where we were yesterday. So everyone moves out, we reach the cliffs uneventfully. Went we are all settling down Jerra comes over to a group of us and says she has seen something, we go over and look at it. It is a monkey but there is something odd about it all of its blood has been sucked out of it. Most odd must look into it further.
Well is 18:00 and we are all wondering what to do for dinner, we have a fire going quite well, when all of a sudden a goat falls from the sky and lands on it. Those that can perceive more than their nose on their face look up and see something, something that looks like a bird but much, much bigger but no matter I’m sure we’ll deal with that when we can. Others ask how the goat got on the fire we explain that it was a present from the Gods, but some of us notice that there is no blood left in the goat. That night while the Gnome tells a story of his adventures with the Pathfinder Society “Slave” sees something in the surf, he claims it was a mermaid but I’m not so sure.

Day 4

The group decided it is time to move to a new location by fresh water. On the map we have it clearly marks the location of a waterfall nearby, we estimate it will take about two/three hours to get to so at 0800 we move out. We have an uneventful journey and make the waterfall by noon. The first thing to happen is that camp morale is significantly boosted when Glysia takes a shower in the rushing water, that image won’t leave me for a long time. Moving on out of earshot of Arays Talon and myself joke about making a camp bar, we laughed, mean while Jask gives a talk about what I’m not really sure as I wasn’t really paying too much heed. So we have a good base of operations here and a group of us make a base. In the morning we will move down to the coast.

Day 5
After having a peaceful night we prepare to move out in the cool of the morning but we are rudely interrupted by five vipers. The first to attack is Talon with a war cry on his lips he swings his great axe at one of the snakes but I feel, like me, his weapon is to slow to wield against these most dextrous of opponents, and true to form he misses but only just I’m surprised that the snake didn’t die with the sheer force of the air slicing around it and like I said earlier my weapon is also to heavy and so I miss as well. The next thing to happen is quite a surprise, Tickle, Glysias’ scorpion attacks the little guy dose better than I thought and now it makes sense why Talon has all those sting marks on his hand, randy sod, but the funniest thing of the fight had to be poor little “Slave”. One of the crearures is within his reach, so he jumps, well to the best any dwarf can jump but that wasn’t the best bit oh no that was next, he tries to grapple the thing and the next thing I hear is “Slave” cursing out loud that he just cut himself on his coat, which unknown to be is anti-grapple, not that anyone wants to hug him anyway.
Talon once again attacks but this time he anticipates its move and slices the creature straight through the middle, during the fight however Ish runs off into the jungle, I know this isn’t what an inquisitor should say but things would go much smoother without him. However after the fight we manage to find him and get him back on side. So the group back together we head for the coast.



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