Serpent's Skull

Day 5 con

Day 5 con.
The group move out at dawn towards the central lagoon that we scouted a few day earlier. We decided to take the beach route rather than risking people in the jungle. We head to a more suitable place to climb down, this we do more or less without incident. By this time the day is getting far to unbearable to all of us, well most of us the Jerra seems to be once again unaffected by the heat.
Just before we start to head of the heavens open and the rain comes down so hard it is only possible to see 20ft in front of you. Walking along the beach, the rain still coming down like it’s going out of fashion, and then we stumble into a massive crab but before it can do anything Jerra points one of her figures at it and sets the beast alight, it lunges forward to attack. Slave meets the creature head on in a blaze of flying limbs Slave seems to have critically wounded the beast, Jerra presses the advantage but missed, as do the next three attacks by, Myself, Talon and Slave but Slave the crafty sod takes two swings and crushes the crab-monster, then two more come out of nowhere, I get hit, badly, Glysia kindly heals me enough for me to get to my feet, I get up to see Talon swing is massive axe but the crab, more nimble then it size would have you believe, dodges the killing blow. “Slave” runs in and tackles the crab to the floor, the other one takes a swipe at me and grazes my chest, nothing serious though. Talon swings for the crab but again his killing blow is dodged. The one that is pinned by “Slave” is shot point blank by “Ace” Venturi and his precise shoot kills the beast. The last crab is taken out once again by “Ace” that is only after others have tried to hit it.

I end up healing “Slave” and others from the party heal Venturi. So end of the day and all is well, we feast on crab that night.
Day 6
I woke up that morning feeling that it would be a good day and sure enough my gut was right, before we could do anything Areys confesses to taking the brandy and that she as a problem and the once aggressive Ish apologies for his behaviour and comes on side. We leave and continue along the coast. I secretly want to meet some more crabs as they were delicious. It seems that crab will once again be on the menu as we come across three more crabs. I want go into much detail but all I can say is that there was a lot of missing and “Slave” stood on a shell and bleed out quite badly. By noon we make it to an out crop where we see something near the coast but inland a bit, we go and see, there we see standing there a woman, to me she doesn’t look to well, I approach her and ask if she wants any help, she lunges at me, the party engage her and something strange happens to her on being killed, she crumbles into dust and plant matter. Later I am informed by Jerra that she was,in layman terms, a plant zombie. Walking around the camp we spot some blood stains, then something horrible falls into, well all of our minds at the same time, cannibals. We decide to investigate this after the sun as past is zenith. Upon moving out we run into some natives and just what we going to look for the cannibals. Three of them standing there the next thing that I see is Talon charging in faster than a man of his size should be able to and lets his fury guide is blade, I thought that he would miss again but oh how I was wrong. The massive axe came down through the natives ear and took it clean off, if the native could have screamed I’m sure it would have but the axe just kept going and Talon cleaved the man in twain, the rest are dispatched by the party and Shujaa apologies for his behaviour, it appears he doesn’t like Asmodeus totally understandable.
After the fight we move out and make the worst progress through the jungle that we have made for a long time and not only that but our carelessness get me impaled on a massive spike which nearly kills me, well it would have done if it weren’t for the lovely Glysia.



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