Serpent's Skull

At the Lighthouse ... and beyond

Jerah's log

The following ended on DAY 28…

Some hastily scribbled notes intended to give a flavour of the evening, not necessarily in correct time order.

After the previous defeat of the savages we made a temporary camp at the Lighthouse that night. The two freed prisoners (Sasha and Aerys) stayed there with Shujaa, Pezock and Talon while the rest of the party returned to the camp on the lagoon. Eventually everyone made it to the Lighthouse. Some problems with disease: Shujaa had dysentry but it worked itself out (as it were) while the Monk got foot rot (again) and did the monk thing of burning it, and part of his feet, off.

Aerys finally cured of her “problem”, by me! Two days training with Ishirou (1 to CMD and CMB if wielding a sword) and then Jask (2 to concentration checks). Monk not very happy about the sword requirement for Ishirou’s boon. It turns out Aerys boon is obtained by reading her book (so, only one person per day) which grants +1 to Will saves against compulsion effects. The camp had a number of events. We were visited one night by another large band of monkeys, some of which wanted to carry me off for dinner. They didn’t last long and I was gratified to find none of them managed to grapple me. A herd of wild goats also wandered in – and were very quickly turned into fresh meat.

The whole party checked out the tall tree on the hill just North West of the Lighthouse (round the bay). Met some emerald boa constrictors on the way, which didn’t last long. Got to the tree, well grove in fact, and found it was occupied by an Advanced Dryad named Isania. Very helpful, can provide healing and lesser restorations if we need them. She knew of the big flying creature, but had no control over it. Apparently the savages avoided her. There are “secrets under the soil”, but we couldn’t clarify if that was just the caves / temple under the Lighthouse or something more. There is one savage left somewhere and some victims of the Yellow Musk Creeper, whose exact position she gave us. She had previously been upset by the presence of the fungus on the northernmost lagoon island and was pleased it was now gone and that we were the heroes what done it. (All party members got the xp for this, no exceptions for absence).

So, next day we set off to the West. Party attacked by four monitor lizards two each from front and rear, and we took some damage. We found a classic rope bridge over a gorge and intrepidly inched over it one at a time ….. which it turned out was exactly the way of avoiding any problems with it. Proceeding to the cove next to Blood Mountain we found what we think is the Tide Stone + its 4 companion stones. Immediately we finally met the “big flying thing” in battle. It’s called a chumpacabra – apparently they normally grow no bigger than a dog and don’t fly. So this one had some attitude. It also turns out the “chumy” liked grabbing as much as the Monk likes grappling, and carried off the half elf ranger (who has such a liking for reach weapons he has no close quarter one and couldn’t do much to chumy). The party lept like gazelles to the chase, or not if you are a halfling moving over difficult terrain. It had carried off the ranger to its nest, and healed and hasted itself as it sucked the half elf’s blood. A tough fight but we finished it off. During the fight the ranger found an impromptu weapon amongst the creature’s hoard – namely a pirate’s hook (see below).

It is about midday, the party need to rest …. and are not quite sure what they do next. No sign of the serpent lady yet.

It had quite the treasure stash.
246 SP
234 GP
13 PP
Mithral pirate’s hook 1000 gp
Fine brass sextant 500 gp
M/W composite longbow +3 STR (not sure who got this)
Efficient quiver (now on the ranger)
Normal arrows: 20
Cold iron arrows: 9
+1 arrows: 7
+2 arrows: 2
Arrow of aberration slaying: 1
Javelin of lightning (on Jerah)

Could someone who’s more proficient than me update the Treasure bit of the web site with this?



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